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GeoTools is a geo-data application that is useful to view, create, modify, analyse and report on CAD data that is geographic in nature. If your nature of business is GIS data creation, surveying, mapping, facilities management, infrastructure, landscape development, city planning or similar, GeoTools can make a difference for you and increase your productivity.

GeoTools is a very handy time-saver for GIS-data preparation and editing in the CAD environment because it offers more than 60% of the functions that are found in AutoCAD Map and which are commonly required by majority (90%) of users.

We are very pleased to be an authorised re-seller in the UK for GeoTools. This software is constantly being updated with new tools and enhanced features and is available in four languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Portuguese Brazil
  • Spanish

A Brief History

  • GeoTools was born in the year 1999, as a collection of Lisp routines to help CAD users primarily in geographic data preparation workflow to manage and complete their drawings faster.
  • Initially released for AutoCAD only, it became immensely popular with the discerning CAD users who did not mind paying a little extra for software that offered automation for common tasks.
  • In 2008, GeoTools was ported on the BricsCAD platform.
  • In 2011, the general purpose tools from GeoTools were hived off to a separate product called CADPower.

GeoTools continues to enjoy loyal client-base and patronage from over 2000+ companies across the world, in 35 countries, running on both AutoCAD and BricsCAD platforms.

Why Use GeoTools?

  • Increased operator efficiency
  • Significant reduction in operator errors
  • Commonly required geo-data related CAD tasks automated
  • Wide range of functionality – Civil Tools, Map Data Cleanup, Google Earth integration, Survey data processing & more.

GeoTools functions include …

  • Advanced Polyline labeling & annotation tools
  • Map Data cleanup, linear/polygon network tools
  • Civil & Survey Data import/export Tools
  • Cross-section profiles, long sections, chainage tools
  • Volume Calculations & TIN generation
  • Advanced AutoCAD Map Tools
  • Coordinate Conversions / Google Earth interaction
  • Powerful Blocks and Attribute Management
  • Geographic Tools
  • Geology & Mining Tools
  • Fully compatible for batch script processing

GeoTools Image Gallery

Pricing Structure

Product Description New Upgrade
GeoTools V22 (1-user license) GBP 223 GBP 72
GeoTools V22 (2-user license) GBP 432 N/A
GeoTools V22 (4 user license) GBP 810 GBP 243
GeoTools V22 (10-user license) GBP 1872 GBP 566
GeoTools V22 (20-user license) GBP 3274 GBP 990
GeoTools V22 (unlimited site license) GBP 6855 GBP 2061
GeoTools V22 Rental (1-user license / 12 months) GBP 90 GBP 90
As you can see, you can also rent GeoTools on an annual basis and this can sometimes be more cost effective.

Download Trial Version

Download a 30 day trial version of GeoTools now and give it a try! Version: 22.63
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