You need to purchase a license if you want to keep using Cut-Tools after the trial period is over.

More Information ribbon panel

Figure 3: More Information ribbon panel

More Information submenu

Figure 4: More Information submenu

How It Works

When you load Cut-Tools it automatically checks to see if there is a valid license. You will see one of two messages displayed in the command prompt area. Either:

  • Your copy of Cut-Tools is not activated. Please run the command TS_DISPLAYUID.
  • Your copy of Cut-Tools is activated.

Sample Command Prompt

Figure 5: Sample command line output

Displaying License UID

Type the command TS_DISPLAYUID (or select it from the menu / ribbon) to display your Unique ID (referred to as UID) in a pop-up window:

Displaying your UID

Figure 6: Displaying your UID

Copy the UID to the clipboard (either manually or by using the control on the window) and email this UID to TruckleSoft for your license to be activated. Note that the license UID will also display in your command window when you close the window.

Notes iconIt is important to keep a note of your activated UID because it is tied down to your computer hardware. So if you make changes to your hardware then your license will fail. In this case you will also need to supply your old UID along with the new for verification purposes. Please keep this in mind.

Installing the License

This step should be fairly straightforward:

  1. We will activate your license for you and supply you with a CutToolsUser.lic file via email.
  2. Run the TS_DISPLAYUID command again and press the Install License button and select the license file. You should see a confirmation message like this:

License installed confirmation message

Figure 7: License installed confirmation message

Displaying your License Information

Type TS_DISPLAYLICENSE (or select it from the menu / ribbon) to display the information:

Displaying your license info