Use this command to insert material text into your drawing at the specified location.

Notes iconCut-Tools comes with a default Materials Database with several material groups and materials for you to choose from. You can customize it as required.


Insert Material Text Dialog

Figure 19: Insert Material Text Dialog



Material Group

Displays a list of material groups. Select the one you would like to use.


Displays a list of materials for the selected material group. Select the one you would like to use.

Text Values

Displays a list of predefined text values for the selected material. Select the one you would like to use.

The text that is required on the drawings can be quite complex and it would be very easy to make spelling mistakes if you had to type each text value manually. It would also take much longer to get the task completed. Using this command addresses all of these issues.

Text Properties

At the time of writing the text entities have the following properties:

Font Name

Arial (True Type Font)

Font Size


Font Style


Layer Colour


Layer Name