Use this command to make changes to the Materials Database.


Edit Materials Dialog

Figure 16: Edit Materials Dialog



Material Groups

Displays a drop-down-list of material groups.

  • Press Add to add a new material group to the database.

Edit Materials - Add

Figure 17: Popup Add Dialog

Notes iconYou are not allowed to duplicate an existing material group.

  • Press Delete to remove the selected material group from the database.

Edit Materials - Delete

Figure 18: Popup Confirmation Prompt

Notes iconYou are asked to confirm your actions.

  • Select a material group that you would like to update.


Displays a drop-down list of materials for the selected material group.

Simply Add / Delete / Select as described above.

Text Values

Displays a list of possible text values for the selected material.

Add / Delete as described above.

Notes iconYou must click the OK button for all your changes to the database to be saved.