AutoCAD or MicroStation VBA Customisation

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AutoCAD and MicroStation can be customised using several programming languages. One of these is VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) and it is very powerful and versatile. TruckleSoft specialises in AutoCAD/MicroStation customisation but also offers a development service for other VBA applications

What are some of the key benefits? Each business has it’s own way of using AutoCAD/MicroStation and it’s own type of products that it generates for clients. Therefore, the benefits of automated tasks are unique to each business and can become clear after a review of how data is managed through the life cycle in AutoCAD/MicroStation. 

Just a few of them are detailed below. However the power made available with VBA cannot be given justice here. Can your working practices be reviewed? Is there any possibility that you could implement some customised procedures to simplify your working method statements, improve product quality and reduce work time scales? Then TruckleSoft can help!

40Seven Menu
Custom Menu

Improved User Experience

Developing custom procedures also takes into account the user experience.

Therefore, we don’t just develop the routines themselves but we can also provide customised menus. This also includes toolbars:

40Seven Toolbars
Custom Toolbars

However we do admit that we are not graphic artists so the icons are simple in design.

Improved Drawing Quality

For example, you can automatically tidy up drawings:

  • This is done very quickly
  • It ensures a consistent quality across your files.

The routine shown here was developed to automatically “crank” the verticals for a cross-section and tidy up the text.

Sample cross section with cranking

Sample popup window
Sample popup form

Custom Forms

These complement new program functionality and allow you to alter how a given routine will function (click to enlarge).

Automate Repetitive Procedures

Here are some examples (click to enlarge):

Note Icon

The list is endless when it comes to automating repetitive tasks. It all depends upon what you do as a business and identifying the processes that an be automated or simplified. This is why we offer to come to your company and review your workflow with you to see if we can provide you will any tools.

Please use the Contact Form and get in touch if this service interests you!

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