Help Documentation for Cut-Tools

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I have been working on Help Documentation for Cut-Tools. This is a work-in progress!

The help documentation is available in several formats:

  • HTML Online version of the help documentation which can be accessed any time and gives potential users more awareness of the features of Cut-Tools. There is also a command to display the online help from within your CAD environment (TS_DISPLAYONLINEHELP).
  • CHM Compiled HTML version is deployed with the Cut-Tools installer and can be accessed from the various tools in the Cut-Tools library by clicking the Help button. There is also a command to display the CHM help directly from within your CAD environment (TS_DISPLAYHELP).
  • PDF — The help will also be available in PDF format. At the moment I have not decided how to deploy this file to the user base. The idea is that you can put the PDF document on your mobile device is so desired and will therefore not require online access. This is the current version of the PDF help file:

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