Revised Pricing for GeoTools and CADPower

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The pricing for the software products GeoTools and CADPower have been increased.

The reason for this is two fold:

  1. The software price is always revised annually to reflect the fact it has received ongoing updates throughout the year.
  2. The base prices supplied by the author are now in EUR instead of USD. This affects the exchange rate to GBP.

Why Change the base Currency to EUR?

Here is the reason for this change:

We are changing the base currency for our products from USD to EUR. The numeric value of each product configuration remains the same (so USD 260 is now EUR 260). The currency change reflects our commitment to be closer to the European market. In absolute terms, this is an 18% increase as per the current USD-EUR conversion.

Design Sense

Release Date

New major versions of the software are now being released at a different time of year. To quote:

We are changing the release date from the usual April-May to October. We are doing this to coincide with the BricsCAD release, which happens in October each year.

Design Sense

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