Using the Layer Names Manager in CADPower

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Layer Names Manager

AutoCAD and BricsCAD have their own layer name managers. However, there are some functionality lacking and CADPower comes to the rescue! For example:

Have you received a drawing from a client at the you needed all the layers in UPPERCASE? Or, do you need to add a prefix to some or all of the layer names? These are just some of the things that the Layer Names Manager can handle.

It can be found on the More Options ribbon panel in CADPower. You can also type CP_LAYERMAN on the command line.

I have personally found this an invaluable tool in CadPower. In fact, it was a tool that I original requested and Rakesh Rao implemented it for me. I was working for another company at the time. Over the years this tool has been extended with more and more features making it a very useful addition to your working CAD experience.

Layers fly-out menu

Working with Layers

There are several tools at your disposal on the Layers drop-down menu. The aforementioned tool we are reviewing is at the top of the list:

Layer Names Manager Icon Layer Names Manager

This is the Layer Names Manager window that you will see:

Layer Names Manager
Layer Names Manager

How to use the Layer Names Manager

  • The first thing you must do is select the layers that you want modified. You can use the Select All Layers option if appropriate.
  • Select the operation that you want performed on the selected layers.
  • Input the relevant value into the appropriate edit box.

To Clarify

The various edit boxes are only enabled when the appropriate operation has been selected.

Online Video Tutorial

The software author Rakesh Rao has also prepared a online tutorial showing you how to use this command. This video can also be displayed by clicking the Video / Help button on the Layer Names Manager window.

CADPower Layer Names Manager — Online Tutorial

Hopefully this article has shown you how the Layer Names Manager can turn very repetitive tasks into simple ones that work in a fraction of the time.

Why not download the 30 day trial and give it a go? See if your company could make use of the Layer Names Manager in CADPower! Please don’t hesitate to use the Contact Form to get in touch. We would love to hear from you!

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