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One of the most commonly used entities within the CAD environment is going to be polylines. You will be pleased to know that CADPower has a rich set of tools for working with polyline entities. Here is the ribbon panel:

Polyline Tools Ribbon Panel
Polyline Tools Ribbon Panel

You have access to all of the tools from this ribbon panel. Below you can find a overview of the tools that are available. Do you find a tool listed that you feel could benefit your company? Then please use the Contact Form to get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you.

Polyline Tools — Join / Change Polylines

Join / Change Polylines

This is a handy set of tools that will allow you to join multiple polylines together. You can simply select two polylines to join them or make a larger selection set as required.

Supported elements:


Polyline Tools — Vertex Management

Vertex Management

As you can see, there are a good selection of tools provided for specifically working with polyline vertices. The tool you need is bound to be here.

The Place Points / Blocks along vertices tool (for example) will display this pop-up will for you to configure how it will work:

Place points on polyline vertices
Place Points — Configuration

Other Tools

There are so many more tools in this panel:

  • Changing the polyline direction.
  • Computing polyline statistics.
  • Extracting parts of a polyline
  • Express PEDIT command.
  • Offsetting close polylines.

The above is just touching the surface of the tools available on the Polyline Tools ribbon panel in CADPower.

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