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Text Ribbon Panel

Text Ribbon Panel

CADPower comes with a suite of tools for working with TEXT entities. We will provide an overview of this ribbon panel in a future article.

Globally modify TEXT/MTEXT

Globally Modifying Text

I wanted to spend some time reviewing one specific tool on this ribbon panel:

modtxt ribbon icon Globally modify TEXT / MTEXT

I have often ended up in situations where I needed to make some kind of adjustments to a lot of text elements in my drawing and this command has come to my rescue every time!

This handy tool has just about everything that I have ever needed for getting my drawings adjusted as required.


Did you know?

This tool is also compatible with MTEXT entities which makes it even more useful.

The Modify Text / Mtext Window

Modify Text / Mtext Window

There are many things that you can do as you can see.

This is how it works:

  • You set the property to modify. This will enable the appropriate control.
  • Then adjust the setting as required.
  • Press the OK button.

I am going to take you through this process step by step to better give you an idea of how this powerful tool works.

Tutorial logo

Worked Example

Look at the following test drawing which has five text elements in it:

Sample — Before
Sample drawing — Before

The issue here is that we need to add an m suffix to the end of every text element.

  • We can’t use Find / Replace because each text entity is different.
  • It would be tedious to manually modify each text element (not to mention error prone).

CADPower to the rescue!

Setting up the pop-up

How to do it

Start the command from the ribbon (or type it on the command line: CP_ModTxt).

  1. Select the option Add suffix.
  2. Type in the required suffix: m.
  3. Press the OK button.

You are presented with the following window after pressing the OK button:

Build Select Set Window - Image 1
Build Selection Set Window — Image 1

This window is used frequently by many commands and it is very powerful at selecting all the entities in the drawing based on the specified criteria. It is usually filled in already with the required settings and all you have to do is click on Scan entire drawing or Scan selected objects. I have chosen to press the Scan entire drawing button:

Build Select Set Window - Image 2
Build Selection Set Window — Image 2

It tells you in the lower left corner how many entities it has located. In our case we were expecting a count of 5. All that is left is to click the Apply button.

As you can see, CADPower has added the suffix m to all of the text entities:

Sample — After

That is how easy it can be to make these kinds of changes using the Globally modify TEXT / MTEXT command in CADPower.

It is also worth mentioning that the tool will provide you with feedback via the command window about what it has done. Here is an example:

Menu: CADPower -> Text -> Editing -> Globally modify TEXT/MTEXT
Scanning drawing file…done..

Processing selected text objects…1 of 5…
Processing selected text objects…2 of 5…
Processing selected text objects…3 of 5…
Processing selected text objects…4 of 5…
Processing selected text objects…5 of 5…
0 objects ignored.
5 objects stored in active [previous] selection set
0 text objects ignored.
5 text objects processed.Done.

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