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The 21st edition of GeoTools / CADPower software for AutoCAD and BricsCAD has now been released and is available for download.

These editions come with a lot of internal fixes, changes, improvements (to tools and user interface). The German language translation and support is now almost 100% updated, and the Portuguese (Brazil) version is getting revamped tool.

We are very pleased to be acting as an authorised reseller on behalf of Designsense for both GeoTools and CADPower in the UK.

30 day trial versions can be downloaded from our website:

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in purchasing the latest version or upgrading. We are always open to discussing your business needs.

A Personal Statement

I would like to begin by saying that TruckleSoft is not only a reseller of this software. We have used it ourselves for our own CAD work and over the years Designsense have been willing to adapt or add new features where possible to meet out needs.

So if you find that there is a tool that is missing — then let us know — and we will see what we can do!

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Compatibility — AutoCAD

The latest versions are compatible with AutoCAD 2021 and all lower versions until AutoCAD 2012. Historically, the new releases has been timed to coincide with the AutoCAD release and continues to do so, although now, with every passing year, Designsense has had a faster growth in their client-base using BricsCAD than AutoCAD.

Compatibility — BricsCAD

The supported BricsCAD versions are V20, V19 and V18. It may work on BricsCAD V17 and lower versions as well but technical support is being dropped for pre-V18 versions of BricsCAD. Please also be aware that any new fixes and improvements will appear only in the current version and will not be applied to earlier versions.

Better Pricing Structure

It really makes sense to stay current on your GeoTools / CADPower version and the pricing structure is now even more attractive!

  • The GeoTools & CADPower V21 list prices have increases by 18% for new licenses.
  • The upgrade cost (or subscription / maintenance) has been reduced by about 20%.

So, the new cost of acquiring a GeoTools / CADPower license goes up slightly but the overall cost of ownership for our software is going to reduce going forward.

Improved User Experience

We are very excited about the V21 platform and continue with our efforts to improve the user experience, as well as bring in new tools. The ribbons for both AutoCAD and BricsCAD have been completely re-designed (only in English so far — this is an ongoing process).

Sample screenshots of the new ribbons:

CADPower Ribbon
Updated CADPower Ribbon
Updated GeoTools Ribbon

In the coming weeks Designsense will be releasing updated ribbons for:

  • German
  • Portuguese Brazil

What else can you expect?

To quote the author of this excellent software:

On the tools front, we are focusing on civil tools, alignments, cut and fill analysis, lot design and management tools, BOQ tools for AEC & manufacturing and on solving problems from the railways, transmission tower design and similar engineering design streams.

Rakesh Rao

We have also been provided with an update concerning the availability of his software for the ZWCAD platform:

Support for ZWCAD platform dropped: During the launch of V20, we announced the intention to support ZWCAD platform. The public release never happened at any point. Due to changed priorities, we have decided to drop this CAD platform from our portfolio. We encourage ZWCAD users to use our software on the BricsCAD platform, which is a better option.

Rakesh Rao

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