Spot Level Annotation

Spot Level Annotation Mapping
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Do you have a requirement to include spot level annotation on your cartographic drawing? For example:

Spot Level Annotation
Spot Level Annotation

We have developed a bespoke VBA macro for this purpose. Our macro displays a popup window with a variety of options to control how the annotation is created:

Spot Levels Macro Options Window
Spot Levels Macro Options Window

Options are provided to allow you to specify at what interval the annotation to displayed and its position relative to the source entity.

It caters for the following types of entities:


It supports the following mapping scales:

  • 1:100
  • 1:200
  • 1:250
  • 1:500
  • 1:1000
  • 1:1250
  • 1:2000
  • 1:2500
  • 1:5000

We are happy to use our routine on your behalf to add spot level annotation to your drawings for a reasonable fee. We are also willing to customise the routine to meet your particular business requirements.

Please use the Contact Form and get in touch if this service interests you!

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