Working with Orthographic Photos

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Many companies (like Digital Mapping & Survey) use drones to prepare aerial imagery (orthographic photos) and mapping.

They often have a requirement to present this mapping in a nice title block for their clients.

Sample Imagery

Here is an example of some aerial imagery (click to enlarge):

Sample Orthographic Mapping
Sample Orthographic Mapping

These images are of a high quality (click to enlarge):

Sample Orthographic Photo - Zoomed

They have a good level of detail

Sample Mapping

The companies we work with provide us with the above imagery and some associated mapping. Then we process that mapping as required by the client, for example:

  • Vegetation canopy symbols.
  • Isolated spot level annotation.
  • Contour annotation.

The above list is not exhaustive. Here is the mapping for the aforementioned imagery after it has been processed:

Sample Mapping
Sample Mapping

The following information has been switched off for clarity:

  • Contours
  • Title sheet
  • Grid
  • Line weights

Bringing it all Together

Since the aerial mapping is geographically referenced we are able to insert it into the mapping at the right position and scale. Finally, we prepare your title sheets. Example:

All we require is the appropriate World File for the image (for example TFW or JPW) so that we can insert it correctly.

We can provide the combined mapping using a title sheet size and scale to meet your needs. We usually provide the final data files with digital PDF prints (both with and without imagery).

Please do not hesitate to use the Contact Form and get in touch if you could make use of our services.

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